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We will use our skills as accountants on your behalf and we are responsible for performing such work with due professional care within the framework of our professional standards. However, as management of the entity, you are necessarily more familiar with its operations, its personnel and the reality underlying its books and records. Accordingly, your management (and board of directors) will remain primarily responsible for the data and information contained in the financial statements, as well as for the evaluation of the capability and integrity of the company's personnel and the maintenance of adequate accounting records and internal controls for safeguarding the company's assets. Periodically, we may give you a "draft" copy of your financial statements to review. If there is anything in the draft statements or final statements that are not completely clear to you, please be sure to question us until you are satisfied.

Issuance of Reports

When we compile financial statements or other financial data, our exercise of professional due care includes important processes wherein we review our own work. When such processes have been completed, our findings are presented to you in a formal report. Accordingly, although we may sometimes make a draft copy of your report available as a courtesy, those finding are not to be relied upon or disseminated until our completed report is issued.

Other Information In Documents Containing Financial Statements

The inclusion of our reports in documents containing information in addition to the financial statements and our reports thereon (e.g., annual reports to shareholders, regulatory filings, offering circulars, etc.) may require us to perform additional procedures to fulfill our professional or legal responsibilities. Accordingly, our reports should not be used for any such purposes without our consent. In addition, to avoid unnecessary delay or misunderstanding, it is important that you give us timely notice of your intention to issue any such document.

  • Income tax preparation
  • Tax planning
  • Estate tax planning - including estate and gift tax return preparation
  • Family and business succession planning
  • Business accounting/bookkeeping and financial statement preparation
  • Computer consulting
  • Retirement planning
  • Payroll Processing

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