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Concepts Which Pertain To All Services


We not only aim to perform our services in keeping with the highest professional standards, but we also expect our work to be conducted efficiently and completed on time. We plan our engagements to do this, but because of circumstances beyond our control, and often yours as well, this is not always possible. When situations arise when it appears there will be delays or we must do additional work, our people are instructed to inform you promptly. We believe you should be made aware of any matter that may impact our service or fees and given the opportunity to help resolve any problems, which arise.

Supervision of Your Personnel

When called for by our engagement, we would be pleased to provide your personnel with appropriate guidance and assistance. For example, we might provide certain record keeping or financial reporting instructions to your accounting staff, or in the tax area, might furnish personnel you designate with a "calendar" of tax due dates and with instructions concerning their responsibilities for the filing of such tax returns, making tax deposits, etc.

However, we are sure you understand that we cannot be responsible for the day-to-day supervision of your personnel or for ensuring that such personnel fulfill their assigned responsibilities. You, or someone on your staff, must exercise this responsibility.

Investment Advice

As professional accountants, auditors, and management consultants, we provide our clients with tax, accounting, financial and business services and advice-not investment advice. We do not recommend the purchase or sale of stocks, bonds or any other investment(s) and suggest you consult your investment advisor with respect to any such matters. For example, when clients request that we "find" them a "tax shelter", we may furnish them with the materials for several such investments, which appear to meet their requirements, and advise them solely with respect to the tax aspects. We do not recommend, vouch for the bona fides of, or act as "offeree representative" with respect to these or any other investments.


One last point: to provide you with proper, unbiased and objective service, our professionals should be independent of your organization. This not only means that our people should not have any investment or other business dealings with your organization or personnel, but also, that they should avoid inappropriate relationships with your personnel and cannot accept gifts or other personal payments from you in appreciation for their services. Naturally, they are not to accept any commissions or other payments from any suppliers or other parties with whom you do business for having referred them to you. These rules are very important and we ask your cooperation in applying them.

  • Income tax preparation
  • Tax planning
  • Estate tax planning - including estate and gift tax return preparation
  • Family and business succession planning
  • Business accounting/bookkeeping and financial statement preparation
  • Computer consulting
  • Retirement planning
  • Payroll Processing

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